We are excited to be posting a series to introduce you to our wonderful team. Get to know their favourite beaches, restaurants and must do’s in Albany.


Meet Sarah

Sarah has lived in Albany for 3 years, and recently joined our team in March this year. Sarah’s Favourites:

  • Beach: Whalers Cove, perfect for families. Just a short drive from Albany Motel

  • Restaurant: Liberte – Vintage Vibe, amazing cocktails, wonderful staff. Six Degrees and Origin Indian Tandoori for beautiful Indian.

  • Must Do in Albany: The Gap Scenic Drive- Drive from Stirling Terrace and then along the coastline to Middleton Beach. There are breath taking lookout areas and on a luck day you can see the whales.

  • Enjoys on a Day Off: Instructing Zumba classes, reading and socialising with friends


Meet Gwen

Gwen and her husband are fairly new to Albany. They love the Albany lifestyle and spending time at the beach on their days off.

  • Gwen’s favourite beach: Cosy Corner


Meet Corrina

Corrina is one of our friendly Housekeeping staff. She has lived in Albany for 5 years and enjoys all the beautiful landscapes of amazing Albany.

Corrina's Favourites:

  • Beach: Bluff Creek

  • Restaurant: The Earl of Spencer Historic Inn - Bar & Rest... which is a block away from the motel


Meet Jhen

Jhen is one of our lovely Housekeepers. Jhen enjoys the Albany lifestyle and beautiful coastline.

Jhen's Favourites:

  • Restaurant: Three Plenties Palace

  • Cafe: Dome


Meet Lalaine

Lalaine has just returned to our housekeeping team, she brings a wealth of knowledge with her and is passionate about her work.

Lalaine's Favourites:

  • Beach: Emu Point is perfect for kayaking and paddling and has the best café close by

  • Cafe: Emu Point Cafe


Meet Jess

Jess joined our team May last year and loves the lifestyle living in Albany. Jess's Favourites:

  • Beach: Whalers Cove - perfect for families, and great for snorkelling

  • Restaurant: The Garrison at the ANZAC Centre, restaurant, bar and cafe that overlooks one of the most breathtaking views in Albany. It's just a short walk from the motel, it's a must for visitors.


Meet Sheree

Sheree has just recently joined the team and has lived in Albany for many years. She loves living in Albany as all the locals are so friendly and that it’s like a country town with city advantages.

meet the team.jpeg

Meet Yeri

Yeri has lived in Albany for 4 years, and recently joined our team in April this year. Yeri's Favourites: 

  • Beach: Middleton Beach, perfect for families. Just a short drive from Albany Motel

  • Restaurant: Lime 303, great food and atmosphere

  • Enjoys on a Day Off: Walking along Middleton Beach boardwalk and going for a swim when it's warm

  • Being a Team Member: Loves meeting and looking after guests


Meet Olivia

Olivia has lived in Albany most of her life. She joined our team in 2014, had a small break and then rejoined in 2016. Olivia's Favourites:

  • Beach: Emu Point

  • Restaurant: Six Degrees Albany, the most amazing chicken burgers! Caters for all ages and a really cool vibe

  • Must Do in Albany: National Anzac Centre, I always recommend to guests. It is extremely significant to Albany and unique, nothing else like it in the world. Its just a short walk from the motel.

  • Enjoys on a Day Off: Kicking back and chilling with friends

  • Being a Team Member: Loves the team dynamics, great staff, the location, proud of the product and of course meeting all the happy customers


Meet Marina

Marina has lived in Albany for 3 years and has been part of our team the whole time. Marina's Favourites: 

  • Beach: Middleton Beach, great for families

  • Restaurant: Due South, family friendly and a great vibe

  • Cafe: Dome Cafe

  • Must Do in Albany: The Gap for it's amazing views, a must see if you're visiting Albany

  • Being a Team Member: The staff are very professional, very pleased to be part of the team at Albany Motel.


Meet Lisa

Lisa has lived in Albany for 17 years, thinks it’s a lovely place to live and a wonderful place to call home. Lisa's Favourites:

  • Beach: Green’s Pool, near Denmark

  • Restaurant: Rustlers Steakhouse and Grill

  • Cafe: Dome Cafe Albany, though there are numerous great cafes in Albany

  • Must Do in Albany: The Gap is a must for every visitor

  • Enjoys on a Day Off: Well earned rest, and catching up with friends over a delicious coffee